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DIY. Water Waves from Resin - YouTube

How to make Water Waves from Resin. DIY.Support/JOIN : Resin Gallant Art Epoxy: https://am...

Message in a Bottle Epoxy Resin Paperweight Cube with Ocean ...

This beautiful aqua blue resin paperweight contains an embedded glass bottle carrying a secret message over an ocean of sea shells and real pearls. The glist...

Resin Tutorials Archives - Resin Obsession

by Katherine Swift. Make your own cocktail bling ring in an afternoon. Resin Supplies needed: Resin Obsession super clear resin 1 ounce measuring cups Silicone flower mold Pearl Ex powder for resin in Sky Blue Stir sticks Nitrile gloves Hacienda alcohol ink Soft paintbrush Glue on ring finding E-6000 Step 1 Use the paintbrush to place a […]

Using common plastic packaging as resin molds - YouTube

Hey everyone! In this video, I show you how to use common plastic packaging as resin molds. This kind of packaging can be found on countless everyday items t...


bottles themselves have enabled bottle weights to be reduced substantially, for example. When first introduced, the polyethylene milk bottle weighed about 100 grams. Today’s typical milk bottle weighs between 60 and 65 grams. This weight reduction results in sizeable resin savings for the packager and gives the

How to Make a Sugar Bottle Mold-Part 1 - YouTube

Learn how to make a sugar bottle mold with CopyFlex® Food Grade Silicone available at Sugar ...

Epoxy Resin FAQ – Art 'N Glow

Work time begins once the resin and hardener meet in the same cup. Once the resin is poured, make sure to go over the pour with a torch. As a final tip, thoroughly dry the bottles after a water bath so that water does not enter the resin mixture. Water will prevent the resin from curing properly. 2Pcs Silicone Molds for Epoxy Resin, Egg ...

【100% Silicone Resin Molds】 Our storage organizer resin molds Kit are made of silicone material, with good flexibility, reusable. 【Widely Use Water Bottle Holder Stand】This multi-use rack is great for storing wine bottles, soda, seltzer, and pop bottles, fitness drinks, reusable water bottles and more.

How to Make Resin Bowls - resin pouring - Resin Obsession

Step 3: Once all the resin is poured, add a silicone poached egg mold on top; this is what will create the bowl. To keep the mold down, carefully add water to weigh it down, making sure the water does not get into your resin because of course, water and resin equals disaster! Add just enough water to keep the second mold from floating up.

How to Mold with Fiberglass Resin |

Fiberglass resin is a highly toxic material. Fiberglass is used in the auto industry, but artists and decorators are now using fiberglass resin for molding sculptures and other art objects. A two-part plaster mold is the most durable and effective way to mold hard fiberglass. It separates from the mold and does not get stuck. Step 1: Avoid Injury

A Guide to Plastics Commonly Used in Blow ... - Custom-Pak, Inc.

PET is a polyester that is usually injection blow molded into clear containers. While it isn’t impossible to extrusion blow mold PET, it is less common, as the resin requires extensive drying. The largest PET blow molding market is for soft drink and water bottles. PET recycling rates are growing under recycle code 1.

Using Resin with Polymer Clay - The Blue Bottle Tree

UV Resin should always be kept in a dark cabinet and preferably in a dark bottle because strong light can cause it to cure, especially over time. Brands of UV Cure Resin Common brands of UV resin are Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Glos and this really fast-curing resin from China (their branding needs some work, but we all recognize that label design).

How To Create the look of Splashing Water in Epoxy Resin ...

Allow the resin to sit in a warm space for 10-15 minutes (resin thickens as it approaches the end of the working window). As resin begins to thicken, stir vigorously with a sturdy stir stick to incorporate air bubbles into the resin. Cure resin and separate from bag mold. In this next step, my resin has cured in the bag for 24 hours.

Epoxy Resin Ideas for Beginners - Yes, Anyone Can Do These ...

Another crucial step to ensure the quality of your beginner resin crafts is mixing the epoxy resin and hardener correctly. Follow these three simple steps to get the perfect resin: 1. Heat resin prior to use. Put both bottles in hot water for 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 122°F (50°C) BEFORE MIXING.

Star Trek ship in a bottle - Epoxy Resin Art - YouTube

On this episode of Ben's Worx I make a ship in a bottle with epoxy resin and Australian burl.Buy the Resin and Pigments I use here:

Resin Coasters | Etsy

White and silver coaster sets, epoxy resin coasters with customizable shapes, handmade geode style coasters, large cup coasters. MichellePournia. 5 out of 5 stars. (826) $19.00. Add to Favorites. Beautiful handmade green & gold resin coaster set with or without gold edge.

Bottle silicone mold | Etsy

Wine Glass Tray Resin Mold, wine cup holder,storage tray resin coasters,bottle holder,beer rack with handle, Silicone mold, epoxy mold. mysuppliershop. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (105) $12.99 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to. Silicone 3D-molds in the form of bottles of different shapes and sizes (1:12). Molds for polymer clay and plastic.

How to clean up resin - clean up spilled resin - Resin Obsession

Switch the caps (resin cap goes on hardener bottle and hardener cap goes on resin bottle) and allow them to cure shut. In this case, I don’t worry so much about the bottles contaminating the water supply because there’s really no material left in them to cause a problem.

BRANDS – HD Models

BRANDS. Made of high quality resin. The tires are lightly loaded and have marks. Wheels with directional design tires. High quality resin mold. For the Tamiya model. The kit includes the Syrian mortar and the gas cylinder kit. 4 parts in resin. The wall can be enlarged with other wall kits of this brand.

Soft Plastics - Bait Molds

Location: La Pine,OR,USA. Lure Mold Injector Bait Plastic Aluminium Soft Plastisol Syringe 120ml 4oz Lures. $. 38.15. Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: Hollywood,FL,USA. Soft Plastiс Lure Mold Making Injection Molds Do-It Fishing Lures 50ml.

More resin troubleshooting - five most common resin mistakes ...

Make sure the resin is warm before mixing. Put both bottles in a warm water bath for 5 to 10 minutes before pouring. Be sure your containers are dry before working the resin to avoid any water contamination. Are you trying a new colorant or addition? The resin may be reacting with that item. Once again, make sure all additions are dry.

Easy Resin Crafts to Make at Home | Better Homes & Gardens

Simply use water-bottle ice cube trays, resin, and a few drops of food coloring to make this colorful creation. Pour a 1:1 mixture of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener into the rubber ice cube trays. Add one or two drops of food coloring into each resin mold, and mix with a stir stick.

Tips To Prevent Resin Bubbles – ArtResin

Leave the caps on to prevent any water from getting mixed into your resin or hardener: water that accidentally gets in your resin mixtures will cause a cloudy cure. Don't submerge the bottles and dry them off thoroughly before you open them. Resin that is room temperature or slightly warmer is smooth, clear and easy to pour and spread.

Fight Hidden Corrosion in Stainless-Steel Molds | Plastics ...

The primary causal elements include the metallurgy of stainless steel, the presence of chlorine in the water used in the cooling lines of the mold, and the stresses on the tool during molding. What gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance is the element chromium, which occurs in higher concentrations (13.5% to 16.5%) in stainless steel ...


Drag the white resin through the surface of the blue resin in the mold. This will create foamy resin swirls at the very top of the mold. Allow the resin to fully cure. This is one resin project where you should not worry about bubbles! Any surface bubbles will just add to the realistic water effect. Unmold the figurine by pressing in the center ...

Silicone Cake Moulds - Silicone Molds For Resin Paperweight ...

Silicone Cake Moulds. We manufacture Silicone Cake Moulds out of 100% FDA Approved Silicone Rubber. Our Cake moulds will withstand up to 230C and are a hit with home and professional bakers for their superior anti stick and long life properties. They are available in a range of sizes, and can also be customized.

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