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65. Delrin is easy, machine as aluminum. Most important is to use sharp tools, aluminum specific works well. You should get a mirror finish in the facing if done right. I always cut delrin dry, all plastics absorbs water to some degree and swell in the process. This could lead to problems with thin sections.

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“South Bend Lathe Delrin stock for machining (658)” By Nathanael Burton Delrin stock for machining, (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Commons Wikimedia About the Author: Madhusha Madhusha is a BSc (Hons) graduate in the field of Biological Sciences and is currently pursuing for her Masters in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry.

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Delrin is the engineering thermoplastic industry leaders prefer for high-load mechanical applications. Delrin, the stiffest unreinforced engineering polymer available, is the preferred choice by designers, extruders, molders and brand owner, as it allows potential cost and environmental savings.

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Acetal is a very high strength, low friction engineered plastic exhibiting excellent wear Resistance in both wet and dry envi-ronments. With good dimensional stability these materials provide ease of machining, making Acetal an outstanding choice for applications requiring complex machining and tight tolerances. homopolymer acetal (Delrin)

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About Delrin Plastic. Delrin plastic (scientifically known as Polyoxymethylene, or POM) is a hard but free machining plastic that is used to manufacture electronics components, eyeglass frames, plastic bushings, and many other items. It’s a great material to have on hand in a machine shop because you can make electrically insulated high.

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Roechling Engineering Plastics (India) Private Limited is headquartered at Vadodara (Gujarat, India) and is operating in the industry since 2001. Mr. Manish More is the CEO of the company, whose expert guidance has allowed us to offer almost every sector of industry with optimal, application-oriented materials in thermoplastics and composites.

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However, the relative softness of plastics (compared to metals) generally results in greater difficulty maintaining tight tolerances during and after machining. A good rule of thumb for tolerances of plastic parts is /- .001 per inch of dimension although tighter tolerances are possible with very stable, reinforced materials.

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Pump and valve components. HUBS. Material properties. Delrin (POM-H) Get in touch EU 44 20 3966 9208 or US 1 845-402-8321. or at

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Delrin Plastic Machining Delrin 150 is an ideal material for parts that require high stiffness and dimensional stability, low friction, and good chemical resistance. Delrin plastic also exhibits excellent wear properties in both wet and dry environments, making one of the more versatile engineering plastics available.

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100P Injection molding, Same as Delrin 100, best molding Same as Delrin 100 extrusion thermal stability for deposit-free molding in demanding processing conditions 111P Injection molding, Same as Delrin 100P, but modified for Same as Delrin 100, plus fuel extrusion enhanced crystallization and more system components precise molding

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Proper inserts for plastics, especially delrin and the other slippery ones, should have anti-rotation and anti-pull out features. In smaller sizes these are usually engaged by expanding the bottom part by driving the screw right home, the insert being made with side slits in the bottom third or so to permit expansion.

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Delrin machining is ideal for a variety of applications. Jaco has immense experience working with Delrin plastic, so we understand the benefits of utilizing this durable material for your projects. Machined Delrin, sometimes called acetal, provides a variety of benefits. It is easy to machine and fabricate with low, consistent internal stress.

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Find the maximum machining extents for plastic and metal materials available for CNC milled and turned parts.. (Delrin 570) Max. Depth: 1.75 in. (44.45mm) POM.

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Acetal & Delrin Plastic Sheet, Rod & Tube. Acetal plastic, also known by the brand name Delrin, is a mechanical thermoplastic used for precision close-tolerance industrial and mechanical components, featuring high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and ease of machining. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal.

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Slippery Wear-Resistant Easy-to-MachineDelrin Acetal AF Resin Sheets and Strips. The addition of PTFE provides a more slippery, wear-resistant surface than standard Delrin acetal resin. It’s commonly fabricated into pump components, gears, and bearings.

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Delrin Machining Trevor Shive T13:45:47-05:00 Delrin Machining at CCT Precision Delrin is the brand name for the homopolymer acetal and is a highly versatile engineering plastic with metal like properties.

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Delrin Machining. Delrin is a brand name for the material known as polyoxymethylene, polyacetal, or just acetal. It’s a low friction polymer that is quite strong and stiff. As a result of these properties it has the benefit of being dimensionally stable. Delrin is naturally white in color but it is available in different pigmented colors.

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Injection moulding of rubber and plastic (4) Plastic material processing (3) Machine tools - metal machining (1) Seals (2) Boring - steels and metals (1) Drill bits and countersinks (2) Nuts and bolts (1) Plastics - industrial products (2) Prototypes, industrial (2) Sheets, plastic (1) Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating (2)

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Because Delrin plastic is acetal homopolymer semi-crystalline thermos-plastic, so it can easily be removed by laser cutting or engraving. Of course, injection molding and plastic extrusion can also be used in its granulated material. Tolerances for Delrin machining are generally /-0.005.

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Acetal Plastic Machining From Advanced Industrial Acetal plastic offers a wide range of benefits and desirable qualities, making it ideal for various industries and applications. At Advanced Industrial, we specialize in fabricating and distributing high-performance plastic parts manufactured from many high-quality plastics.

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Yes. Common applications. Snap fits. Chemical pumps. HUBS. Material properties. Acetal (POM-C) Get in touch EU 44 20 3966 9208 or US 1 845-402-8321. or at

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We use Delrin as a primary material and produce various types of standard as well as customized components or plastic products with it. Our Delrin machining services comprise parts which are stationary as well as moving. Delrin is available in black, brown and eight natural colors.

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Delrin is a versatile low-cost plastic in the acetal family, ideal for parts that require strength and resilience, while machining to very tight tolerances. It has excellent dimensional stability and friction resistance, making it long-wearing.

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