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The Rising Demand for Automobile Spare Parts in Africa

Analysts say sales of automobile spare parts and accessories in the Gulf has risen by 20-25 per cent in 1997 despite the sharp oil price fall in the year. Several reasons are cited for this development. One of the most extraordinary new trends in the UAE since the 1990s has been the explosion in the number of visitors from the republics of the.

Plastic Wastes: The silent killer Nigerians love.

Top plastic using brands is making a pledge to reduce the volume of plastic waste but the impact is yet to be felt. In 2017 alone, Cocacola produced 3000,000 tonnes of plastic which is the equivalent of 200,000 pet bottles in a minute, Deutsche Welle reports.

6 tips on Cheap Injection Molding - Plastopia

There is another reason why you need low-cost injection molding: your volume is high, but the end users need affordable plastic parts, like dispensable razors, plastic caps for toilet cleaners. Whether your volume is 100,000 units or 100 units to start, in today’s post, I’ll share 6 practical tips you can use to get your own cheap injection.

Initial Inventory of Plastics Imports in Nigeria as a Basis.

The total volume of imported plastic, newly produced plastic and plastic components going into the technosphere was 23,400,000 tons. The huge amount of plastic and other polymers entering the technosphere in Nigeria has important implications for marine litter, pollution, waste management and resource recovery.

Catalytic cracking of polyethylene plastic waste using.

Therefore, this has led us to explore the catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste using zeolite Y synthesized from kaolin deposit in Covenant University, Sango Ota, Ogun state of Nigeria. A stainless steel packed bed reactor was used in the cracking of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic wastes into liquid fuel components at a temperature of.

Eastmaster -- Produces low volume plastic parts,low cost mold.

C. Pressing mold & Molding for low volume medium density parts: It is used to make medium hardness elastomer parts like bumpers, o-rings, pad, bush, etc. This method can be applied in small to medium quantity use. Pictures of the final parts of this technique. D. Low cost steel prototype mold for small run moldings.

Americad Technology - Plastic Parts Rapid Prototyping Low.

Americad Technology began in 1977 as a traditional model shop combining the talents of two professional model makers, one from a design oriented background, and the other from a technical background. Mark Haslett's experience has been in architectural and new product development. Michael Wright's has been in dynamic test models and military.

Nigeria has become an e-waste dumpsite for Europe, US and Asia

Formerly Nigeria’s capital city, this commercial nerve centre is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and is its most populated urban centre, with an estimated 21 million residents. But for all of Lagos’ appeal, the megacity is drowning in rubbish. It is mostly plastic waste, which threatens the environment in no small measure.

Low Pass-rate in postgraduate surgical examination in Nigeria.

Based on the findings above amongst other factors the low production of surgeons in Nigeria is likely a significant contributor to the low volume of surgeons in the country. A review of the way surgeons in training are trained and assessed, especially the standard setting used needs to be reviewed.

Nigeria is dying of Lagos - Businessday NG

Nigeria meanwhile, has an estimated housing deficit of 17 million units, in addition to readily available cheap land and labour. Rather than find a way to address the nationwide market creatively with a low cost housing solution, capital is instead deployed to Lekki to service an already saturated Lagos market.

Vacuum Plastic Parts Casting | Low-Volume Rapid Prototyping.

Plastic low volume production genuine factory supply machining modeling. Transparent plastic Silicone mold tooling Industrial parts. High Precision customized Silicone molding PC Plastic Hilt

Americad Technology - Plastic Parts Rapid Prototyping Low.

45 Years Experience Manufacturing Custom Cast Plastic Parts. Americad supplies FDMs and other rapid prototyping processes, as well as low-volume manufacturing services to industrial designers and original equipment manufacturers.

Challenges and prospects of plastic waste management in Nigeria

A preponderant percentage of plastic consumption in Nigeria is for short life products and this, if investigated, will most likely give rise to a low weighted average service life of all plastic products and, consequently, a high plastic component of waste streams.

Plastics recycling: challenges and opportunities

The low weight-to-volume ratio of films and plastic bags also makes it less economically viable to invest in the necessary collection and sorting facilities. However, plastic films are currently recycled from sources including secondary packaging such as shrink-wrap of pallets and boxes and some agricultural films, so this is feasible under the.

Injection Moulding | Service | Online Quote | Plastic Parts.

Injection moulding is a manufacturing method for the cost-effective production of intricate plastic parts. Molten thermoplastics and thermosets are injected into metal moulds, after which these materials cool and harden to the configuration of the cavity. The process is low waste and is easily replicated to allow for high production volumes.

Plastic pollution: Nigeria’s untapped ‘waste wealth’ fuels.

“The future of recycling in Nigeria is good because the volume of plastic is increasing and affordability of people is always very low. So, to give anything at lower price, recycling helps a lot.

Aluminum Extrusions - Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Production

That’s because we accept low-volume extrusion orders — for prototyping and small batch production — allowing you to experiment with custom profiles. In addition to creating custom aluminum extrusion profiles using custom dies, we can combine extrusion with other manufacturing processes (like CNC machining) to produce custom final parts.

3d Printing For Low Volume Production - Get Plastic Parts.

Another advantage of producing the StaBowMount with 3D printing for low volume production is the speed at which the parts can be produced. The image in this section show a fully nested build platform of 187 parts, this density is what allows MJF 3D Printed parts to be cheaper then other 3D printing processes.

Challenges and prospects of plastic waste management in Nigeria

The combined properties of low cost, lightweight, and resistance to chemicals and corrosion has increased the use of plastic materials for packaging and storage purposes in preference to other materials. Consequently, there is a continued increase in their proportion in domestic solid wastes worldwide as well as the concern of their impacts on the environment. Most developed and developing.

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