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Full Mold Casting | KIMURA

Wittmoser in essence became the father of the full mold casting process. In Japan, Mitsubishi Yuka Badische Co., Ltd., acquired a patent license from Full Mold International, a company that was operated by Wittmoser, in around 1965, whereupon Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engaged in technological development.

Exhibitors from the Japan Die & Mold Industry Association.

INTERMOLD2012 The 23rd Japan Die & Mold Manufacturing Technology Exhibition / Die & Mold Asia 2012.This is our official web-site. 1-2-15,Otemae,Chuo-ku,Osaka 540-0008 Japan

Die & Mold Manufacturing Company (Punch & Die, Mold.

The Die & Mold Manufacturing Company develops and manufactures die-related parts used in metal plasticity processing by presses. We handle diverse products such as punches and dies, guides, and springs. Our standard punches and dies, used to actually shape metal, hold an overwhelming market share in Japan. The production of press-die products has been SURUGA Production Platform's principal business since 1966, two years after our establishment.

Japanese Sake and My Life with Koji Mold | JAPAN Forward

Koji mold is a lead player in Japanese food that is used in Japanese sake, mirin (sweet sake), soy sauce, miso (soybean paste) and amazake (sweet mild sake). As a matter of fact, it is used in purposes other than food from quite a long time ago.

In-Mold Sensors for Injection Molding: On the Way to.

molding process, and part temperature just after the mold opening. The data provided by the IR camera were also used for the verification of the results of numerical analysis [ 64 ].

Injection Molding Machinery Division - Japan Steel Works.

Injection Molding Machinery Division. Japan Steel Works America, Inc. (JSW) is a 100% owned subsidiary of THE JAPAN STEEL WORKS, Ltd (JSW Japan), founded in 1978 to facilitate the sales, marketing, importing, and distribution of the forgings and castings, plastic machineries produced by JSW Japan.

What Is Koji and How Is It Used? | 100% PURE JAPAN

Koji is used for various kind of Japanese food such as alcohol, seasoning, and sweet drink. Because koji is producing enzymes during aging and fermenting process, it became crucial material for those Japanese foods. As I mentioned above, innumerable enzymes are produced by koji.

Processing Equipment | die mold/molding/pressing/stamping.

Ibaraki Giken Limited is engaged in die and mold designing and manufacturing, prototype manufacturing, and mass production of metal parts both in Japan and overseas (Philippines). We offer a seamless support from die and mold designing to mass production in Japan and to overseas business development.

Injection molding | Molding| A leading company in Osaka.

Injection molding is a process for obtaining a product by injecting a molten material into a mold, and cooling and solidifying it. The process is suitable for mass-producing products in a variety of shapes from simple to complex. is Japan's definitive job site for multilingual.

* 500 local employees, 5 Japanese Company Info 【company overview】 High-precision mold processing technology and molding technology for mass production by mastering the mold are the core technologies. We are second to none in know-how that can meet the demands of ultra-fine precision parts.


¾ Mold Safety interlock provided in case of abnormal pressure rise while the mold is getting closed (For that pressure switch input has to be provided in case of limit switch.) ¾ Inbuilt interlocks for Low & High temperature, Front and/or Back guards, Maximum Cycle Time, Emergency stop. ¾ Built in 50 sets of mold memory.

Used Nissei Processing for sale in Japan | Machinio

Used Nissei processing for sale in Japan. NEX4000. Find used food processing, air compressors, extruders, mixers, blenders and other types of processing equipment on Machinio.

Members List (Alphabetical) | Association of Japan Plastics.

Dryers (hopper dryer, dehumidifying type, cabinet type). Pneumatic conveyers. Mold temperature controllers. Mold chilling units. Mixing and coloring devices. Sprue recovery units. Measuring and feeding units. Labor saving systems for plastics processing. Bottom in despersion systems.

Intertech Mold making process & project development information

We have high quality German and Japan imports mold steel material to proceed our mold project making. Then, the gating way will be discussed, the mold surface will be discussed, the m o ld cooling channel design will be checked, the operation style will be discussed, the molding machine size will be determined and the mold mechanism in actual production movement will all be checked as well.

Molding Process of TELENE | RIMTEC Corporation

The entire process, from injecting Liquids A and B to removing the molded product, is completed in only about five minutes. The DCP-RIM molding process makes possible the creation of large-scale molded products with complex shapes in a very short period while also saving energy. TELENE resins are well suited for today because of their.

Direct Molding Process | KIMURA

1. Furan process. Self hardening furan process is commonly used in small lot casting production with features high production efficiency and high dimensional accuracy features. 2. Phenol process. By performing heat treatment after printing, this process provides high strength molds equivalent to shell molds.

Plastic Molding Technologies/Transfer Molding and Compression.

Since we offered a fully-automated molding mold and equipment for the first time in the world, we have maintained the largest share of the transfer molding market. In addition, in response to a change in demand from the semiconductor industry, we have developed and offer compression molding molds and equipment as a new semiconductor encapsulation technology.

etching processing | MELTEC Corporation

MELTEC’s main processing technologies. Photo-etching. As an expert of etching, we provide our precision etching with our unique technology, etching of special metals/curved surfaces and so on . Electroforming. Nickel electroforming combined with photolithography technology achieves high-definition and high accuracy processing.

Introduction to Stamping Press | Stamping Manufacturer.

The foremost difficulty in die design is that the process has so many subdivisions. If we try to process the metal plate all at a once into the desired shape, an unforeseen force is generated in the metal and the molding cannot be carried out. Therefore, the process is carried out step-by-step until the desired shape is obtained.

Company List -Japan Die & Mold Industry Association -Japan Brand

We are more 65 years experience skillful moldmaker have two mold shops in Japan. One shop. IMD Industry Co.,Ltd. Stamping Others. To ensure easy maintenance, our dies can be easily adjusted eith interchangeble parts. We are. Inagaki Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. Plastic. The mold size of an injection machine is max. 500ton. We have two trial injecion machines 100ton

Mold Process Production Schedule | Lean Manufacturing

First of all, set the molding process to use a mold (Scheduler Diagram 1) 、. Scheduler Diagram 1 Set up the master data for the production schedule. Specify that ProductA uses MoldMachine1 and MoldA, and ProductB uses MoldMachine1 and MoldB at the same time. With this set up, let's make a production schedule that considers the mold,

Japan’s SMEs Continue To Be At The Core Of Semiconductor.

Towa Corporation specializes in molding the process that seals the chips by insulating them with resin and the company has revolutionized the molding process three times.

Processing guidelines for injection molding of thermoplastic.

GENERAL PROCESSING - 9 Mold packing and holding Once a mold is 95 to 99% filled, pack and hold time may be optimized. To allow for ample packing, increase the hold time until the gate freezes. Next, adjust hold or pack pressure to ensure full part packing before gate freezeoff. In general, holding pressure should be about 1/2 to 3/4 of the actual

Undertake processing of Precision Molds, Parts(For Japan Only.

Undertake processing of Precision Molds, Parts(For Japan Only) << DESCRIPTION >> We undertake processing of Precision Molds, Parts. ** Product overview for production and processing ** Design, manufacture of plastic injection molding Precision mold parts processing Resin injection molding ** Facilities information **

Company | Nissei Technology Corporation | Imparting Optical.

Company のページ。 Welcome to the Nissei Technology website. We continue to expand our reach to the world with our design and manufacturing of optical components and units in the ultra-precision field. We cater to your needs with our proven technologies.

Multi-component injection moulding process (2K3K) - Otto.

Multi-component injection moulding process (2K3K) Increasingly, plastic articles are being developed and manufactured from several components. This is mainly due to the endeavour to obtain “ready-to-install” serial parts from an injection mould. The two-component process is very efficient and the material properties of the materials used.

Precise mold parts processing | NICHIDEN SEIMITSU KOGYO Co., Ltd.

Precise mold parts processing High-accuracy metal mold manufacturing is realized through our in-house machine tools and processing technologies. We are working on metal mold manufacturing to produce high-accuracy products with our company-own machine tools and high processing technology which utilize the machine tools with 100% efficiency.

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