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Victoria is an OEM manufacturing company specializing in plastic injection and blow molding. We approach every order with globally recognized quality standards, with trusted quality inspection system, from material warehousing, to quality inspection when manufacturing, to quality control of semi-finished products and to quality assurance of finished goods.

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Part 2: Back to Basics on Mold Venting | Plastics Technology

Part 2: Back to Basics on Mold Venting. Here’s how to get the most out of your stationary mold vents. #bestpractices. Vent nomenclature. Poorly machined vent-relief channel with inefficient half-round shape. Better to use a small-diameter end mill or EDM to create corners. But if you EDM the relief channels, you must polish them afterwards.


separate commodities. Don’t mix injection grade or HMW with blow-mold (bottles) **CLUE: wide mouth containers (margarine containers, lids, chemical bottles, buckets, etc.)-no hazardous material, including residue or medical waste-no plastic that has deteriorated due to sunlight or weather exposure

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IN-MOLD COLOR. Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting heated and mixed material, such as glass and plastics, into a mold where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. This is the perfect time to have your desired color be a part of the material itself, rather than added later.

The MuCell® Injection Molding Process: A Strategic Cost ...

The Influence of Blowing Agent Addition, Glass Fiber Filler Content and Mold Temperature on Selected Properties, Surface State and Structure of Injection Molded Parts from Polyamide 6 Article Jul 2016

Texturing Molds for Thermoplastics: Factors for Success ...

Mold types: Thermoforming and blow molds can be less expensive to texture compared to injection molds. Thermoform molds and blow molds by the nature of their lower pressures don’t replicate the mold pattern as precisely. In other words, what will show up in an injection molded part will not show up in a thermoformed or blow-molded part.

Ballis Plastics Melbourne - Plastic Fabrication, Design and ...

Ballis Plastics Melbourne are an innovative family owned company based in Melbourne Australia. Established July 1950 by John Lyle Ballis. Lyle was production manager of Paul & Greg Pty ltd, during the 2nd world war. The factory was at Spencer Street North Melbourne, where the supply of moldings and profile windows were produced for the R.A.A.F ...

INEOS Polypropylene Processing Guide

Mold Design All the basic mold, runner, and gating designs have been successfully used with polypropylene from INEOS O&P. To take advantage of a well designed part, the following mold details should be considered. Sprue To prevent sprue sticking, highly tapered sides (3 to 5 degrees including angle) are required.

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First replace the common material with a purging material of the lowest possible viscosity, such as PP or PE. If replacement with a low-viscosity purging material, such as PP or PE, is impossible, first use a high-viscosity one, and then replace with a low-viscosity one. Note that if this replacement is inadequate,

PP bottles blow stretch moulding machine OPTIMA-4 PP - YouTube

OPTIMA series represent high-performance, fully electric machines for blowing of PP bottles. Its construction is based on innovative and well proven technolo...

PP meltblow fabric extruder machine with 400 meltblown mold ...

Polymer preparation — Melt extrusion — Metering pump — Melt-blown die head assembly — Melt fine flow drawing — Fiber cooling — Auxiliary network — Static electret — Reinforced finished product. PP meltblow fabric extruder machine with 400 meltblown mold is produced by the melt-blown process.

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PP recycling is common under code 5. Density- 0.90 (g/cc), High Heat Deflection- 170°F, Hardness- Shore 75D; PET/PETG Copolyester – PET is a polyester that is usually injection blow molded into clear containers. While it isn’t impossible to extrusion blow mold PET, it is less common, as the resin requires extensive drying.

PP resin prices rising with summer heat, supply remains short ...

PP resin prices rising with the summer heat. The North American polypropylene resin market continued its unpredictable ways in June, with prices increasing an average of 12 cents per pound.

China Rotational Mold, Rotomolding in China, Rotomold Plastic ...

1. Low cost for mold tooling: For the same product size, rotomolding mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow mold and injection mold. However, this rule doesn't apply to product unit cost. 2. Rotomolding products have good edge strength, comparing to blow molding for the same hollow product. Edge thickness can be of more than 5 mm. 3.

Prices up in August for PP, PS and PVC resins | Plastics News

Regional PVC prices moved up 2 cents in August after being flat in July. Prices for the material had been up 1.5 cents in June. Regional PVC prices now have increased 24.5 cents so far in 2021 and ...

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